Live View

With Live View see our products come to life in your own space.

Discover an immersive experience on our Product page by locating the Above thumbnail in the last slide of product images.

Note: Only Accessible Through Mobile Devices and Tablets.

Video Guide

  • How To Access The Experience

    Unlock live viewing by tapping the image with live view thumbnail.

  • Start The Process

    Tap on the "View On Your Space" button to begin the AR process. If it doesn't appear, please refresh the page or check your internet connection.

  • Scan & place

    When you see the semi-transparent object appearing on your screen,take a moment to scan your surroundings. Gently move your phone around and find the perfect spot to place the object on a surface.

  • Relocate the 3D object

    You can move the 3D object to another location by tapping and holding the 3D object and moving it on the screen. To move it vertically tap and hold the 3D object with two fingers.

  • Rotate & scale

    You can rotate the 3D object to your preferred angle or change the scale by using your two fingers.

For optimal live viewing:

  1. Check device compatibility.
  2. Choose a stable and well-lit environment.
  3. Allow surface detection for realistic placement.
  4. Ensure a stable internet connection.
  5. Note virtual representations may vary slightly from actual products. Refer to product descriptions for more details.

Experience the convenience and creativity of our AR feature as you explore our basin collection, and reach out to our customer care for any questions or assistance you may need.