Care And Maintenance

In our shared commitment to the longevity and durability of your cherished product, , we believe that the proper care of your basin is essential to its lasting beauty and functionality.

Important instructions ahead. Negligence may void warranty. Let's make your basins elegance last forever.

Avoid Vigorous Cleaning Actions

Be mindful of product care. Avoid abrasives and harsh chemicals. Choose gentle, natural alternatives for long-lasting quality.

If Using A Spray Cleaner

When it comes to cleaning, it's important to Avoid direct application of cleaning agents. Apply on cloth, gently wipe. Preserve beauty and functionality for years.

When it comes to caring for our cherished products, there are a few key points that deserve our attention.

  1. Be cautious with toiletry residues having chemical mix in them. It is suggested to wipe them off soon.
  2. Follow cleaning product instructions and dosage.
  3. Prevent contact with sensitive materials and intense chemical solutions.
  4. Test cleaning agent on a hidden area first.
  5. Avoid leaving cleaner on the product for an extended time.
  6. Do not mix different cleaning agents.
  7. Rinse thoroughly with clean water after cleaning.
  8. Dry with a soft cloth.