Installation Guidance

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Use the basin as a model and position the basin on the countertop. Properly clean the space and then draw the guidelines regarding the plumbing lines, drain assembly, and the structural parts of the cabinet.

Note – If you are replacing an existing basin, please ensure to close the water supply before removing the old sink.


Place the basin in the position. Check for alignment and clearance. Draw marks on the countertop and in other places as a guide for the installation location.


Drill a clearance hole inside the marked line to assist with cutting off the countertop. Cut the opening around the perimeter of the marked line.


After checking the fit and alignment of the basin, turn the basin upside down and apply a generous amount of silicone adhesive on the underside of the basin and on its rim near the edge. Place the basin in the desired position and then wipe off the excessive silicone adhesive.

After the basin has been installed in the desired place apply silicone/caulk around the basin to create a water-tight seal.


Mount the tap ware and drain assembly (not included) on the sink following the manufactures instructions. Also please apply a bead of silicone on the underside of the drain to ensure a watertight seal between the sink and the drain. Remove excess silicone after installing the drain on the sink.

Our Suggestions

For product longevity, follow provided instructions. Damage due to poor installation not covered by warranty.

To refer to our installation guide click here.

It is suggested to use the local plumber’s or the local technician’s help while installing the basin or can also use Urban Company for the basin installation. Click here to get the assistance of Urban Company.

  1. For a smooth transition in the Urban Company website, follow the following steps:
  2. Select your city and location.
  3. Select the Plumbers and Carpenters tab.
  4. Select basin and sink.
  5. Select washbasin installation from the menu provided.
  6. Click on Book your service.

Note – We are not responsible or liable for any inconvenience during the installation process. Currently, we are not providing any installation services.