Now, You Can Feel, Experience And Get Hands On Our Products With "No Questions Asked"Return.

So Whats This?

We totally get that choosing this product online can be tricky since you can't physically touch or experience it. That's why we're making it super easy for you with our "no questions asked" return policy. You have the freedom to return the product within 5 days after it's delivered.

Certainly, here are the checked pointers for opting for a return:

1. Initiate the return within 5 days of delivery with images and videos of both the product and its packaging inside and out.

2. The product should be repacked with all the items and wrapped as delivered, with wraps opened and rewrapped accordingly.

3. A video and images of the inside box after repacking, as well as the outside box, should be shared.

The Process

  1. If you decide to proceed with a return, you can initiate the process by visiting the "Order Return Request" section on our website (within 5 days).

2. Additionally, as mentioned, you need to share images or videos of the repacked product inside and out through our WhatsApp chat option on our website (within 5 days).

3. After verifying the images and videos, our team will contact you and process the return request.

4. The refund will be initiated from our end within 5 days after the product is picked up.