"What do we do different?

We are here to change sanitary market which has become too boring starting with designer washbasins to make spaces colourful and fun.

"Are our products durable?

We give you one year glazing warranty and finish warranty from the date delivered and we are always there for any query or issue only one call or an Email away. For more information you can go through our customer service page.

"How long is our delivery time?

We believe good things take time so do we , we have a 30-days delivery period as  washbasins are fragile item and we need to pack it carefully and ensure it gets delivered without any damage.

"What is your return policy?

You can raise a return request to us by dropping us an email at waterdei49@gmail.com and our team will assist you. Return shipments are also managed by us. For more details, please check our return&refund policy page.

"What will the box contain?

Our box includes 1) Washbasin 2) Waste Cupling 3) Dimensions and twarranty information card 4)technical drawings and fitting instructions card.

"How to clean the sanitaryware?

The glazed finish of your sanitaryware should be cleaned by applying a small amount of suitable cream cleaner. Apply using a sponge or damp cloth and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Cleaners containing abrasive ingredients or materials should be avoided. 

"How do I clean black marks from my ceramic product?

The black marks can be caused by metal rubbing against the ceramic surface. The metal (generally stainless steel) is softer than the ceramic and is deposited onto the surface of the ceramic if it is rubbed against it. Generally Cif cream cleaner will remove the marks, alternatively a "bath rubber" can be purchased and used to rub away the mark.Suggestion-: You could go on ask a question tab if u wish to get answered any question/doubts.